Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ Certified Trainer Workshop

Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Leadership Certification

This workshop is intended specifically for leaders and managers who seek to lead effective teams and achieve goals while building a positive and productive organizational culture. Learn to lead, mentor, and coach within your organization while earning professional credit hours.

The leadership skills we teach build long-term value for yourself and your organization. You will foster positive communication, reduce drama, improve clarity of communication, increase staff job satisfaction, and reduce turnover.  Includes 12-months enrollment in our Mastermind Program – a continuation of the workshop that provides monthly, live support. Have questions? Contact Us.

Workshop Length: 4 Days

There Are 2 Ways To Participate


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What You Can Expect During The 4 Days

  • An accelerated immersion experience of the Navigating Challenging Dialogue Skills Training.

  • An understanding of the foundational components of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, and development of new, effective leadership skills.

  • Hands-on practice of the tools and principles of Navigating Challenging Dialogue.

  • An introduction to facilitating experiential activities which will help your team to proactively discuss concerns and challenges, heading-off imminent problems.

  • Individualized support and spot-coaching for implementation and next steps.

After Completing This Training, You Will:

  • be able to give and receive feedback with more clarity and consistency.

  • be prepared to mentor and assist others one-to-one with their tough conversations.

  • see improvement in your own leadership skills and self-awareness.

  • improve the performance of your own team using the tools of Navigating Challenging Dialogue.

As A Workshop Participant, You Will Receive:

  • The comprehensive Navigating Challenging Dialogue Leadership Guide.

  • Worksheets and materials you need to effectively mentor and coach your team.

  • 12-months enrollment in our Mastermind Program a continuation of the workshop that provides monthly, live support, including:

    • The live monthly mastermind sessions (90-minutes each).

    • The live monthly Navigating Challenging Dialogue Cafe - a 60-minute video call to converse and connect with everyone in the Mastermind. Facilitated by Lisa Howard.

    • The Mastermind Slack Channel for intersession sharing, questions, and connection.

    • The Mastermind Resource Center.

    • The Leadership Certification Resource Center where you can download the course worksheets, and forms.

      PLUS one 30-minute Goal Setting call with Beth Wonson (within next 12 months).

  • Eligibility to apply to become a Master Facilitator.

  • Credentials for your résumé and personnel file.

Participants Will:

  • Engage in an accelerated Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Skills Training.

  • Be introduced to Navigating Challenging Dialogue core concepts and constructs including Emotional Intelligence and Experiential Learning.

  • Gain insight into how personal actions and quality of communication impact the workplace.

  • Learn strategies to model the use of respect, recognition, and praise to motivate and hold others accountable.

  • Explore ways to take ownership and accountability of work contributions, strengths and self-development.

  • Learn to give and receive timely, constructive feedback.

  • Understand the importance of clarity of job duties, expectations and alignment with mission and organizational goals.

  • Learn strategies to set clear expectations, delegate and increase the accountability of staff and self.

  • Inspire self and others to be curious, agile, life-long learners.

  • Understand the value of inspiring and motivating others by connecting performance to the organizations mission, vision and goals.

  • Learn the value of fostering an environment of regular communication and interaction.

  • Learn to use the tools, worksheets and activities of Navigating Challenging Dialogue.

  • Understand emotional triggers and how they confuse communication and create unnecessary drama and chaos.

  • Learn concrete strategies to mitigate the impact of triggers in both planned and unplanned situations.

  • Learn basic group facilitation and development skills.

  • Gain experience in mentoring and coaching others to prepare for challenging dialogues.

  • Complete reflection assessments to measure learning and competency.

Professional Credit Hours

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) 32 approved coach specific training hours

  • HR Certification Institute (HRCI) 32 approved credit hours

  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 32 approved credit hours

4-Day Workshop — 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Beth Wonson & Company is committed to bringing this methodology to more community-based nonprofit organizations. In that spirit, if finances are a barrier to full participation, and you’re affiliated with a nonprofit organization, check out our scholarship opportunities

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