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About Beth Wonson, CEO

Beth Wonson is the founder and CEO of Beth Wonson & Company, dedicated to working with organizations of all sizes in facilitating effective leadership and orchestrating organizational excellence. Beth Wonson is the founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, a communication skills and leadership certification program. Beth Wonson serves nationwide as a speaker, leadership coach, instructor, author, and leadership consultant.

Through her workshops, leadership videos, books, and Dynamics of Self podcast, Beth’s mission is to help managers and leaders develop the skills to best serve themselves and their organization. Beth's hands-on, interactive approach creates connection through healthy communication.  Her leadership clients develop their best strategies to empower, inspire, and motivate. As a result, they're able to dissolve the disconnection and obstacles that impede both their personal and organization’s goals.


Join Beth Wonson for her podcast, Dynamics of Self, as she shares advice and insight to help you empower your uniquely valuable strengths and skills. An effective and engaging resource for any employee, leader or community member.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

In our interactive workshops, you'll tackle the root of communication problems and learn how to stop wasting valuable resources through unnecessary drama, miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and chaos.

Leadership Certification

This workshop is intended specifically for leaders and managers who seek to lead effective teams and achieve goals while building a positive and productive organizational culture. Learn to lead, mentor, and coach within your organization while earning professional credit hours.

The leadership skills we teach build long-term value for yourself and your organization. Includes 12-months enrollment in our Mastermind Program – a continuation of the workshop that provides monthly, live support. [Learn More]

Skills Training

Whether you’re a team member or in leadership, develop the invaluable skill of getting to the root of communication problems and establishing a foundation for rock-solid connection. With a methodology rooted in brain-based research, take part in lively group discussion,  targeted coaching,  and experiential activities. Dive into the 6-step process and develop the tools to prepare and engage in healthy, successful dialogue. [Learn More]



Let Go Of The Rock! is a fun read that will bring you a whole new perspective on the everyday ROCKS that hold you back, decrease your joy, and inhibit peak performance. [Buy Now]


Beth Wonson and Dr. Mary Kay Stenger, two highly accomplished professionals, have teamed together to write an extraordinary book that tells the story of Beth’s personal story of healing and transformation.The book consists of a narrative that alternates between the two women’s voices. With openness and candor, Beth tells a portion of her story and Dr. Stenger offers commentary accompanied by a number of exercises used during her sessions with Beth. This is a rare duet performed expertly by two radiant, fully empowered human beings. [Buy Now]