Beth Wonson Speaking - Navigating Challenging Dialogue™


Leadership and Communication

While my presentation are customized to meet the audience's specific needs, they are each rooted in improving leadership and communication. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create:

  • Effective leadership
  • Increasing emotional Intelligence
  • Healthy communication
  • Reducing drama and chaos in the workplace
  • Improving productivity
  • Energizing staff
  • Goal setting

As A Speaker, I Build Connections And Engagement

Audiences see themselves in my stories and experiences. They recognize their values, self-awareness, strength, humor, wins, and struggles — and what can be learned from all of that. They experience shifts in perspective and an appreciation of their place in the world.

Get To Know My Work

My Life's Work: To Nurture Positive And Clear Communication, And Empower Healthy, Cooperative Relationships

  • I regularly conduct my signature workshop for business and government agencies: Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ Skills Training. With a methodology rooted in brain-based research, participants take part in lively group discussion, targeted coaching, and experiential activities. We dive into my 6-step process to develop the tools to prepare and engage in healthy, successful dialogue. This workshop is especially effective at improving leadership skills and outcomes.  [Learn More]
  • As of 2018, I have launched the Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ Certified Trainer workshop. In this 4-day workshop, participants increase their leadership skills while also developing the skills to support and mentor colleagues to prepare for and solve challenging dialogues using Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ skills and tools. Also, you'll gain the tools necessary to deliver the Navigating Challenging Dialogue™ Skills Training workshop within your own organization. [Learn More]
  • I produce a weekly podcast,, sharing advice and insight on the topics of communication, self-awareness, and healthy personal dynamics. Through engaging stories, with a touch of humor, you'll recognize your uniquely valuable strengths and skills which will foster success in your personal and business relationships. [Listen Online]
  • I have a number of free Tool Kits and PDFs available for download, to help you develop your communication and leadership skills.
  • I’ve written two books in support of my work: Let Go of the Rock and An Every Day Guide to Joy and Abundance

My Commitment

When you engage me as a speaker, I fully partner with you to achieve the goals you’ve set for your event. I will bring the content to life through stories that are meaningful and relevant to your audience for a winning engagement. Working with my company, you can expect:

  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  • A private consultation, by phone or over video, prior to your event, so we can best understand how I can serve you and your audience.
  • If desired, sharing of your even on our social media accounts, newsletter, and podcast. 
  • A unique, professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation which is aligned with the goals of your organization and audience.
  • My complete and full energy, attention, and presence in engaging and connecting with your audience.
  • A brief follow-up after the event to confirm I have met your expectations. If you have tips on how I can improve, I'd like to know that too.


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