Management Strategies for Working with Millennials


In this episode with leadership coach Beth Wonson, Beth addresses a common question: "Do you have strategies for working with Millennials? Then let us know: "Where does the question of working with particular groups show up for you?"



Hey it's Beth, and today I want to talk about strategies for working with Millennials.

I seem to get this question about every three or four months. People want to know, "Hey Beth, do you have strategies for working with Millennials?"

What's so interesting to me about this is I can't really coach to a generalization like "Millennials".

And so I have a lot more questions when someone brings that forward. The things that I'm curious about are:

·      are you talking about one specific person?

·      Or a few different people?

·      What are they learning?

·      What's the learning style of these people?

·      What's their communication style?

·      How do they best respond to feedback?

·      Have you asked that question?

·      Have you spent any time exploring that with them?

·      What style of acknowledgment resonates with them?

And what I mean by "style of acknowledgement" is some people want public praise. Some people want private praise. Some people respond really well to you doing something for them, in order to acknowledge them. And other people just want to be able to have some time with you, get a cup of coffee, go for a little walk and hear the information, hear how well they're doing.

So, have you taken time to figure that out? What assumptions are you holding about this person based on the fact that you put them in the "Millennial" category that you have not gotten clarification on, you haven't checked in around? And what unspoken expectations do you have for this person?

Frequently when I work with people who are struggling with working with Millennials, or any group of people that they put in category, what I find is their expectation is that people should want the exact same things they want. They should have the exact same goals. They should be happy to have this job. They should be happy to be taking their time to learn a little bit. Just like the person did.

And so, what unspoken expectations do you have that you have not clarified? It's true Millennials now make up about 35% of the workforce. They're everywhere. And yes, absolutely, they grew up with unique expectations, social circumstances that are different from many of us, and events, and even parenting role models.

This is absolutely true. There's so much data and information out there on the web in different workshops you can take, books you can read about "Millennials", but I'm going to encourage you to not try and manage a group or a category of people, but instead to take the time to get to understand each person uniquely for who they are.

So I'd be curious to hear your feedback and what you've learned when you take Millennials out of that stereotypical group and begin dealing with each one as an employee, staff person, or colleague that you're striving to mentor, support, develop, and collaborate with.

And until I see you next time, this is Beth.


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