The “Expert To Leader Quandary” Is One Of The Most Common Situations In Organizations Today

This quandary can result in:

  • Lack of cohesive team dynamics

  • Poor transparency, communication, and collaboration

  • Individual goals unaligned with team and organization goals

  • Micromanagement

  • Lack of confidence, inability to inspire and motivate teams

  • Ambiguity, poor executive presence

  • Inability to give constructive feedback and hold people accountable

Transforming Leadership Through Targeted Coaching

As a leadership coach, Beth Wonson’s direct approach quickly addresses the critical issues and systemic road blocks undermining leadership confidence and success.Through honest and direct feedback, Beth Wonson will help reveal the truth of your current thinking, enabling you to develop an actionable strategy for success.  You’ll establish meaningful tools for best leading your team and serving the needs of your organization:

  • Partake in healthy dialogue

  • Communicate effectively, with openness and clarity

  • Understand and leverage team strengths

  • Appreciate and manage the variety of communication styles

  • Effectively interact with different work styles

Strategic Planning With Your Organization

Beth Wonson facilitated Strategic Planning sessions help set your organization on the best path forward, with the least amount of drama and chaos. Beth Wonson uses the tools of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®  to help management communicate effectively and address the needs of the organization authentically.

Onsite Facilitation

Thank you so very much for your time spent with us over these past few months. What a beneficial process that has taught us all so very much and opened our eyes to strategic planning in a way that we have never seen it before.
— A. Albritton, MS, RD, LD, CDE, Medical Director, Camp Kudzu
Beth Wonson & Company conducted an amazing 2 day core staff training for 9 of our YMCA staff last year.  Our purpose was both to solidify our team, define our leadership styles and to work through some challenges we’d had the first part of 2014. Not only was her approach with all of us diverse and useful, it was FUN!  Beth kept us riveted, active, engaged and her methods were delightfully non-predictable. So many of us go through training after training that her style was a breath of fresh (and highly useful!) air.
— Shannon Seifert CEO of the Santa Maria Valley YMCA