Are you living your values?


Yesterday I was giving a talk on Leadership Authenticity at the CA Society of CPA's. I shared about how important it is not only knowing your core values, but also modeling them so coworkers and employees know exactly what you value and expect. One woman raised her hand and asked me if our core values can change over time. Absolutely. When I was 18 through probably 26 years old, I loved my family. But as I gained independence, family was neither a priority nor what I'd call a non-negotiable core value.

However that has changed. And in honor of that, instead of writing a message this week I'm being fully present with my growing family.

IMG_1672I will be swimming in the pool, touring Napa, taking leisurely walks, cooking healthy meals, listening intently to familiar sibling banter, and talking a lot of baby talk.

When is the last time you took a look at what your core values are? The four to six non-negotiable values, that inform and shape how you lead, how you follow, how you make decisions and how you invest your time. Your core values are the ideas or concepts that define who you are in your authenticity. 

Take a few minutes and create your list. And then spend some time this week delving into one or two. Communicate them to others. Model them in your words and actions. Create space to live one or two.

Me? I will be playful as I relax with family by the pool. We’ll go on some adventures, laugh a lot, and lift each other up as we listen to and learn from the stories we share around the dinner table.

That is how I will be living my core values this week.  Share with me how you will be living yours!

Have a great week.