Ready for Virtual Hugging?

High 5 Yesterday I was reminded of the magical value of technologies like SKYPE. I am presently in New England on a combination work/family trip and spent time at the offices of one of my consulting clients, High 5 Adventure Learning in Brattleboro, VT. Because I've been working with this amazing group via SKYPE since September, it didn't immediately dawn on me that I'd never been in the physical presence of many of the team members! Our on-line interactions over the past nearly 12 months makes it feel like we've met in person many times. I realized how quickly I've come to take for granted the magical, real-time connection that SKYPE (or GoToMeeting) provides me. And how only five short years ago these were cutting edge technologies. And so when I came face to face, in the physical presence, in the same room as people I've never actually spent physical time with before, I had to be reminded they were "physically" new to me. And I to them.

I love the "state of ease" that technology provides. No airports, no hotel stays! But still, it was a great day sitting, talking, laughing, sharing papers back and forth without hitting "send". And the best part, by far, not afforded by these technologies was hugging hello and good-bye! Can't wait until virtual hugging is mastered through the internet!