What pathway will you create?

We are the engineers, construction crews and ultimately the trail builders of our own pathways through life. As we put one foot in front of the other, the energy of our intentions is project out ahead of us, creating a path of ease or a path of limitations. If you are seeking a rough pathway full of fear, anger, roadblocks and resentment, you can create by spending time projecting negative thoughts, anticipating failure, holding onto anger and resentment, living fearfully and speaking confidently that what seems impossible is impossible. These thoughts create a muddled, murky and weak energy. This is the energy you will use to build your path.

All paths have challenges and twist and turns, but if you seek one that you will be able to navigate in a state of joy, ease and abundance, then create that pathway by projecting positive thoughts and intention, belief in your dreams, love for those you understand and for those you don’t, giving energy to what you want and by living in and having gratitude for this moment.

Imagine that as you walk, step-by-step, you have a beam of radiant clear white light extending out from your heart. All of your thoughts create the energy that makes up this light. Clear, positive thoughts give the light a laser quality, cutting through any blocks, clearing any thorny brush and grading a trail of ease for you to walk.

What type of pathway are your thoughts creating?