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Better Leadership with a Systematic Approach


Coaching is an essential management tool

But many managers aren't REALLY authentically coaching. I'm hearing from more and more organizations that want their managers to develop effective coaching skills.

Are you a manager with authentic coaching skills?

A manager coaching their staff


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Spotlight Interviews

Excerpt: Michele Woodward and Beth discuss how the shifts in hiring, changes in leadership, and new issues executives face today, requires a change in mindset and leadership strategy if your organization wants to succeed. [Access Full Interview]

Excerpt: Todd Simendinger joins Beth to discuss how he's finding success with Navigating Challenging Dialogue and how our leadership workshop leveled up his self-awareness and self-leadership, and his ability to manage his own energy — and these are tools that he didn’t find in any professional development training. [Access Full Interview]


Live Workshops

This workshop is intended specifically for leaders and executives.

You’ve taken leadership trainings galore. You’ve read all the books and listened to all the podcasts and yet managing people is still burdensome. This workshop is the missing piece. Details

This workshop is intended specifically for managers.

What many new managers lack are communicative, interpretive, affective, and perceptual skills. Learn the skills necessary to build an effective, proactive, and collaborative team. Details

This workshop is intended specifically for staff & teams.

Your team will learn and practice the proven tools and strategies for improving personal accountability resulting in improved collaboration, time-management, and clarity of communication. Details


Leadership Coaching

With leadership coaching you get immediate, targeted help to resolve the obstacles you’re facing today. Effective leadership is a skill developed over time and through collaboration. Investing in your skills pays off big time for both your company and yourself.


Listen to the Podcast

Do you enjoy your work, but find managing staff or co-worker interactions to be full of obstacles and drama? Learn how speaking your truth with empathy and compassion, self-awareness, and a focus on the greater good best serves you in self-leadership and leading others.


Watch the Leadership Video Series

Want an easy way to continue developing your leadership and communication skills? Each video is under 10-minutes long.


Leadership Consulting

Is your organization facing transformation or re-organization? Do you need help facilitating movement and collaboration between leadership and your board? Beth Wonson guides organizations through these transitions and facilitates organizational excellence.


The Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Difference

Effective Leadership Is A Learned Skill

Unfortunately, for many, the skills and expertise that make you a great manager or executive are not the skills that make you an effective long-term leader. Poor communication and self-leadership skills can wreak havoc on team dynamics, unintentionally creating obstacles and drama within the organization. Investing in your leadership skills pays off big time for both your company and yourself, whether that’s through training, conferences, MBA programs, mentors, or coaching.

There’s a Gap in Existing Leadership & Staff Training

Trainings that focus on the traditional tools of management and staff development are often missing the essential component impacting success. To be an effective leader of yourself, a team, and in an organization, you must have self-awareness and the understanding of how emotions, work style, assumptions, stories, and beliefs can create conflict and drama in the workplace.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue® is the Missing Piece

The tools, strategies, and self-awareness created through Navigating Challenging Dialogue make change, for the good of the whole, sustainable. With our interactive workshops for managers, leaders, and staff, tackle the root of communication problems and learn how to stop wasting valuable resources through unnecessary drama, miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and chaos.


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