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Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Transforms Organizations

Most companies, organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits we’ve worked in spend a lot of time and money creating strategic plans, training people on technical aspects of their work, and developing fine experts and skilled staff. But they don’t spend equal time and money on the areas where resources leak out of the organization at the fastest rate – how we engage in the workplace. 

The tools, strategies, and self-awareness created through Navigating Challenging Dialogue make change, for the good of the whole, sustainable. We also have a number of free resources for you, plus we’re hosting an online conversation on Facebook. We hope you join us.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue Workshops

Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Workshops

All the issues your organization faces while managing the interpersonal skills and dynamics of people are nothing more than symptoms. The core issue is a lack of training which increases self-awareness and teaches how emotions, work style, assumptions, stories, and beliefs can create conflict and drama in the workplace.

In our 1.5-day workshop, participants will:

  • increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence while learning to effectively engage and collaborate

  • practice new personal accountability tools and communication skills in hands-on activities

Improving performance and work place culture is easier and more sustainable than you ever imagined.

Includes membership in the Navigating Challenging Dialogue online community.

The most challenging aspect of being a manager is balancing the demands of managing and motivating people while handling your own workload, emotions, stress, and energy.

In this 3-day workshop, you’ll :

  • learn the specific skills to get clear and clean about what exactly you want to communicate without getting sucked into the parts that distract, cause confusion, and create conflict and drama.

  • practice new skills and and accountability tools to transform the workforce you supervise

Learning the subtleties of coaching will empower you to motivate and engage your staff to achieve measurable improvement.

Includes membership in the Navigating Challenging Dialogue online community.

Step into your most effective leadership persona to comfortably lead and communicate. Learn to use proven tools and strategies rooted in self-awareness which will transform your leadership for the good of the whole. You’ll be able to model and transfer these skills to your team and organization for sustainable growth and change.

In this 4-Day workshop, you’ll:

  • gain new awareness into the interpersonal chemistry and dynamics of teams and people you work with.

  • practice new skills and leadership strategies that will transform the effectiveness of your leadership

  • foster cohesive organizational values that lead to sustainable collaboration and success 

Includes 12-months enrollment in Mentorship & Mastermind to support implementation and continued learning.


Navigating Challenging Dialogue

In our interactive workshops, you'll tackle the root of communication problems and learn how to stop wasting valuable resources through unnecessary drama, miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and chaos.

Our most successful clients take our workshops when they’re ready to:

  • stop allowing emotions to derail hard conversations.

  • transform how their organization is managed.

  • eliminating burn out, anger, and resentment.

  • shift from a culture of top-down control to accountability at all levels.

  • lift their staff up and lead the organization for the good of the whole.

  • foster cohesive organizational values that lead to sustainable collaboration and success.

Join the Navigating Challenging Dialogue® community today.

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Let’s improve communication and working relationship with co-workers and team members.

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I’m a manager looking to lead my team to greater performance and cultivate healthy communication and collaboration.

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I’m currently, or emerging as, a leader looking to transform my organization’s effectiveness and productivity.