About Beth Wonson & Company

Beth Wonson, Founder and CEO

Beth Wonson created  Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, out of her personal process of examining the ways in which traditional leadership skills fail the mission and goals of organizations. For the past two decades she’s studied how leaders working in isolation and staff working in competitive silos adversely affect the prosperity and growth of the whole.

Through her study of brain-based research, she recognized how emotions, stories, thinking errors, and fears impact our ability to create positive work environments. As a result, Beth uncovered a new approach to helping humans thrive in the workplace with a collaborative team chemistry.

Beth captivates audiences with the story of her own leadership crisis, the ensuing drama and chaos, and her journey to her understanding of how it could all be different. Beth’s mission is to empower others to reduce the burden, stress, and drama of the work world. When asked why she chooses to focus on the workplace, Beth said simply, “Because that’s where humans are for the majority of their time.”

Working with Beth Wonson, clients have a confidential partner with profound understanding of the challenges leaders faces. Through training and coaching, leadership clients develop meaningful tools to best navigate necessary growth and change while serving the good of the whole organization. Plus, they learn how to stop wasting valuable resources through unnecessary drama, miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and chaos.

In addition to facilitating Navigating Challenging Dialogue® workshops, Beth Wonson is also a speaker, leadership coach and consultant, and author. Check out her workshops, leadership videos, books, and Dynamics of Leadership podcast.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes: Ideation Strategic Achiever Maximizer Activator
Beth Wonson, Leadership Coach and Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Beth Wonson, Leadership Coach and Founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Beth Wonson is a Member of the International+Coach+Federation+-+Knowledge+Based+Professional+Coach

Sasha Mobley: VP of Program and Product Development, Master Facilitator, Leadership Coach

Sasha Mobley is a Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Master Facilitator, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and published author. Her role at BW&C focuses on taking lessons learned from our clients and developing new ways to bring the message of Navigating Challenging Dialogue® into the world.

Sasha's work as a coach and facilitator focuses on actively assisting teams and individuals recognize, accept, and develop their innate talents into strengths. She is keenly interested in how the interplay of strengths based culture is enhanced and enabled by the self-awareness and empathy developed through NCD.

Sasha has over 25 years as a Silicon Valley tech professional and is certified in Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, Gallup StrengthsFinder™, and Meyers Briggs Type Indicator™.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes: Ideation Responsibility Developer Empathy Relator
Sasha Mobley

Sasha Mobley

Andrea Buchtel: VP of Operations and Communications, Facilitator, Business coach

Andrea is a Business Systems Architect with 30 years of experience. Her primary responsibility is directing the operations of the company in support of its goals. This includes handling marketing and communications, contributing to curriculum development, and the design and implementation of all technology services.

Andrea’s work as a business coach is to provide guidance on clarifying goals, building roadmap, and facilitating the change necessary to succeed. Andrea is also a Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Facilitator.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes: Activator Connectedness Significance Adaptability Relator
Andrea Buchtel

Andrea Buchtel

Jody Sears: Business Development, Facilitator, Leadership Coach

Prior to joining Beth Wonson and her team at Navigating Challenging Dialogue, Coach Sears spent 24 years coaching college football across the country. From 2014 through 2018, he served as head coach at Sacramento State University where he generated a positive team culture through intentional leadership, guiding principles, loyalty, and team first attitude. Through trust and respect, he developed both his staff and player personnel creating a program which earned him Big Sky Coach of the Year in 2017 and a best record in school history.

As a coach, Jody creates a positive team culture through facilitating Navigating Challenging Dialogue® and integrating it with intentional leadership principles, allowing him to develop managers through support, respect and trust. He is driven by his passion for effective communication, love for serving, and his tireless work ethic.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes: Belief Developer Responsibility Harmony Positivity
Jody Sears

Jody Sears

Lesley Frisbee: Facilitator, Coach

The focus of my work is in facilitating growth and skill development--both personal and professional. I feel compelled to help others discover and become their best selves in all the spaces and places they occupy.

My career working in the public sector, and with non-profit organizations that serve youth and families, has enabled me to develop an approach to leadership and growth that is based in empathy, compassion, curiosity, and connection. I believe in the power and freedom that Navigating Challenging Dialogue® skills can bring to individuals and organizations. When we can communicate with others in a manner that engages curiosity with the intent to build connection, we can unlock our potential to be our best, and do our best work, for the good of the whole.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes: Learner Strategic Significance Input Intellection
Lesley Frisbee

Lesley Frisbee

Lisa Howard: Facilitator, Coach

Lisa is a seasoned experiential facilitator who is known for opening doors to self awareness, fostering authentic connection and strengthening workplaces and communities.  It is these outcomes that continue to fuel her mission and purpose in life.

Lisa’s career includes experience as a consultant, teacher, trainer, special educator, yoga teacher, hurricane relief volunteer and world traveler. Lisa brings an understanding of client needs, versatility, intuition and support to her role at Beth Wonson and Company.

Lisa currently splits her time between Beverly, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico, where she is founding a non-profit organization dedicated to helping rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Maria. When she isn’t working or exercising, she enjoys spending time with friends and exploring local beaches.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths Themes: Adaptability Includer Empathy Intdidualization Connectedness
Lisa Howard

Lisa Howard